The greatest gift you can give your child is to send them to a school WHERE THEY LEARN OF GOD and His precious love. Saint Andrew School provides that to our children.


Paul & Stacy Mickley, parents to two Saint Andrew students

Teaching at Saint Andrew School is quite fulfilling! The CHRIST-CENTERED, PRO-FAMILY environment lessens difficulties and INCREASES JOY!


Marcia Moyer, first grade teacher at Saint Andrew School

Why choose SAS?

Plant your child's educational roots on higher ground.

Founded in 1925, St. Andrew Catholic School has a proud tradition of high standards in educating children of all faiths. In addition to observance of our Catholic heritage and devotions, we share close ties to our community through an active parent-driven Home-School Organization and in several local organizations. In addition to a structured and nurturing scholastic environment, our students have daily devotions, bi-weekly mass, a prayer mentor program, and several extra curricular clubs to explore their academic, artistic, and athletic interests. Also, we provide the opportunity for academic excellence through affordable tuition and financial aid assistance.

SAS Student Pledge.

Recited by every student, every morning: a true blessing
to begin each school day centered in Jesus Christ.

I am a child of God and a proud student at St. Andrew School. I come here every day ready to learn, ready to respect myself and others, and ready to respect all of God’s creation. I am responsible for my work, my words, and my actions. I promise to be an example of Christian values and to ask God for help with difficult decisions. I promise to make God a bigger part of my life.

A Welcoming Message From Our Priest,
Rev. Augusty Valomchalil, M.S.S.C.C.

Dear Parents,

When we are blessed with the gift of a child, we are responsible for the overall well-being of that little person physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We ensure that the child is nurtured in many ways by feeding, loving, and caring for him or her. As the child grows, the needs will become more varied, but basic needs will never change. A parent once told me that what goes into the roots comes out in the branches. So we try to make certain not only that our children eat a healthy and balanced diet, that they feel loved and secure, but that they are rooted in the truth and spirituality of the Catholic faith, as well.

This process starts when we have them baptized. The next step is choosing the best school for them on their journey. Within a Catholic school, there is a unique environment of caring which, like all other basic needs, grows when nurtured, and from that growth will come the future leaders, teachers, parents, and professionals, grounded in Christ, and so needed by the world. For that reason, Saint Andrew School is your perfect choice.

The uniqueness of Catholic education cannot be easily described, but it is easy to prove successful. 98% of students who begin in a Catholic school and who continue on to graduate from one will attend college. It is the Holy Spirit’s presence that guides those within our walls. Our teachers must be of the highest caliber and completely devoted to the Faith because passing down the Faith is their first and foremost priority. Our teachers are on a heavenly mission, and it is important for them to see their work in that manner. Such a perspective motivates them to sacrificially give of themselves; such love, in turn, calls and inspires students to greatness.

A spark is ignited in the soul of a young person by the love and devotion of our teachers; this is what is taking place in our school. Saint Bernard of Clairvaux captured the essence of our education mission: “Some seek knowledge for the sake of knowledge:  that is curiosity; others seek knowledge that they may themselves be known: that is vanity; but there are others who seek knowledge in order to serve and edify others and that is charity.”

Children are eternal souls placed in our care. To help us, we look to the constant intercession of our dear patron, Saint Andrew the Apostle. Our school, named in his honor, is where we prepare students to be successful in this world and the next. May God bless us in this great work.

I promise you my daily prayers, and my deepest gratitude for your sacrifices and your love.

With love and prayer,
Fr. Augusty T. Valomchalil

As public education teachers, we have always been strong supporters for public education – however, the one thing that it does not offer is the spiritual education that teaches the values that we seek to instill in our children. St. Andrew’s offers our daughter a special CHRISTIAN ATMOSPHERE that provides a quality education with a focus on ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT, DISCIPLINE, and VALUES. What an enormous impact this will have on our daughter’s future successes.


Dave & Lisa Lewis, parents to a Saint Andrew student

SAS Facts.

Since 1925, St. Andrew School has delivered a
consistently rigorous and transformative education.

  • We seek to prepare our students in mind and spirit during the most formative and vulnerable time of their lives.
  • We present opportunities for students to put their values to use daily – in the classroom, at lunch and recess, and in extra-curricular activities.
  • Our dedication to service within our community, proven by the school’s outreach to those in need.
  • Active Home and School Parent Organization, which raises an approximate $10,000 annually to fund programs for our dedicated students.
  • A welcoming student body with an active and creative Student Government.
  • A dedicated and role-model-worthy faculty with over 100 combined years of professional experience.
  • Affordable tuition, with financial aid and tuition grants for families of all faiths.
  • Free busing from Chambersburg, Greencastle and Waynesboro areas.
  • WiFi campus with devices in every classroom.

If the thought of tuition is keeping you from taking your
child’s education one step further, it’s time to reconsider:

St. Andrew School offers many tuition reduction opportunities,

including a new transfer grant program

worth $1,500, over 2 years.

The Transfer Grant Program is quite simple, and the paperwork is even simpler.

Step One

Step Two

  • Attest to the fact that your children are new to our school.

Step Three

  • Understand that the Grant applies to new students entering grades 1 through 5 and that accepting the Grant requires a two-year commitment.

Step Four

  • Enjoy a $1000 reduction in the first year’s tuition and a $500 reduction in the second year’s tuition.

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We'd love to have your
child at Saint Andrew.